Everybody want to be Black until it is time to be Black

In walking to class one day, I overheard a group of students listening to the song “Tunnel Vision” by Kodak Black. The song has a great beat, but I do not think people realize the artist is talking about the oppression of marginalized groups and the Prison Industry Complex. This perplexing to me in regards to trying to understand how ironic the situation was.

People listen to Black music, dance to Black music, cultural appropriate hair, clothes, and even use AAVE words but want to ignore the issues that Black people face.

To me, it is disgusting that it is considered the status quo to do these things and individuals need to understand that there’s a difference between cultural appropriation and appreciating a culture.

My point is that if you want to delve into Black culture (Not appropriating it), then you should be an ally to those people as well. Not doing so would be hypocritical and effectively implies that you enjoy cherry-picking from different cultures by what is in fashion at the time.

The fact that I cannot walk down the street on campus without others crossing the street or people just disgusted at the presence of my “blackness,” in itself but they are playing a song by a Black artist in their headphones.

When Fall semester eventually comes, you can cheer the football team supporting them, it has Black players, but you cannot come to workshops in which people are trying to explain different topics of groups of people and the intersectionality between them all.

I am not saying you have to be on the front lines, I mean you could, but that you should have a good understanding of race and privilege in America. In that regard not speaking for groups of people but instead being an ally to them and acknowledge people’s privileges and struggles are the goals to be a more socially aware person.

You cannot listen to my music, that has great beats, but ignores the music that explains social issues within its lyrics and the socioeconomic struggles of trap music as well. I like the beats too, but it is honestly way deeper than that.

The fact is that I can go in depth into the others topics I mentioned, but that is for another conversation and needs to be talked about more often rather than overlooked.

Everybody want to be Black until something occurs and then people do not want to be “Black” again until the issue blows over or is thrown under the rug once again… 


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